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San Francisco Good Times DVD Underground Newspaper

San Francisco Good Times DVD Underground Newspaper
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The Extraordinary 1977 Documentary Film About One Of History's Most Controversial Counterculture Underground Newspapers In All Regions DVD Format!

* 6/24/12: Newly redigitized and remastered for improved image and audio quality!

To quote the opening of this film: "As the war in Vietnam dragged on and Richard Nixon was elected to his first term as President, a group of people in San Francisco began publishing an "underground" newspaper. The paper was called the San Francisco Good Times in the belief that out of the ferment of dissent a new community based on new ways of living and cooperation was taking shape. The paper was to be the voice of this community and a motive force in its creation. This film is a chronicle of people who worked on the paper and events they lived through and covered. The people who worked together to produce the paper went on to form a commune. In November 1972 the Good Times commune stopped publishing the newspaper.". Highlights include a Black Panther demonstration in support of Huey Newton; stills of public nudity and marijuana smoking; an interview with Bill Graham; outtake from the song "Sweet Marijuana"; Pete Townsend of "The Who" interview; the "People's Park" land squatting experiment that ended in armed confrontation; herbiculture; astrological column written by The Berkeley Astrology Guild; performance outtakes from The Floating Lotus Opera Company; interview with Timothy Leary; the formation of the Good Times commune, where it is learned that members ate the placenta of a child born to the commune (!); San Francisco street life & happenings; members of Good Times arrested and put in prison; more (1977, 57:32).

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