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Sail On Voyager! DVD Space Probe Project Frank Langella

Sail On Voyager! DVD Space Probe Project Frank Langella
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Frank Langella Guides Us Through The Epic 12 Year Voyage Of Discovery Made By The Voyager 1 And Voyager 2 Space Probes During Mankindís Greatest Planetary Exploration Project In All Regions DVD Format!

The great 12 year Voyager project's mission of visiting all the outer planets except Pluto with two state-of-the-art space probes reached its climax on August 25th, 1989, as it flew by the Neptunian system. This 1990 documentary narrated by Frank Langella surveys the entirety of the Voyager Project, the greatest interplanetary exploration mission ever attempted by man; the exploration of the Jupiterian and Saturnian systems by both Voyagers 1 and 2, and the exploration of the Uranian and Neptunian systems by Voyager 2 alone (Color, 58 Minutes).

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