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Ruby And Oswald DVD Michael Lerner Frederic Forrest

Ruby And Oswald DVD Michael Lerner Frederic Forrest
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The 1978 Made-For-TV Docudrama About The Assassination Of Lee Harvey Oswald By Jack Ruby In Retaliation For The Assassination Of President John F. Kennedy! Michael Lerner As Jack Ruby, Frederic Forrest As Lee Harvey Oswald And Doris Roberts As Eva Ruby Star In This 90 Minute Production In All Regions DVD Format!


Mel Stuart


John McGreevey, Michael McGreevey


Michael Lerner ... Jack Ruby

Frederic Forrest ... Lee Harvey Oswald

Doris Roberts ... Eva

Lou Frizzell ... Captain J. Will Fritz

Bruce French ... Robert Oswald

Sandy McPeak ... District Attorney Wade

Lanna Saunders ... Marina Oswald

Sandy Ward ... Chief Curry

James Brodhead ... Judge Johnston (as James E. Brodhead)

Brian Dennehy ... George Paulsen

Gwynne Gilford ... Little Lynn

Gordon Jump ... Clyde Gaydosh

Erik Kilpatrick ... Andy Armstrong

Walter Mathews ... George

Michael Pataki ... Ike Pappas

Al Ruscio ... Nat Ryan

Jodean Lawrence ... Phyllis Noonan (as Jodean Russo)

Richard Sanders ... Agent Kelley

Vickery Turner ... Wanda Killiem

Max W. Anderson (as Max Anderson)

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