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Return To Iwo Jima Ed McMahon DVD Survivors Of Both Sides Meet

Return To Iwo Jima Ed McMahon DVD Survivors Of Both Sides Meet
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Ed McMahon narrates as survivors from both sides of the conflict meet for the first time on the island to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the battle! A World War II Pacific Theater milestone in All Regions DVD format!

RETURN TO IWO JIMA (1985, 58 Min., Color)

Ed McMahon, himself a former Colonel in the U.S. Marines, narrates this once-in-forever production. Interviews with men such as one of those who raised the flag on Mt. Suribachi (who never gave an interview until this production), as well as those severely wounded in the conflict, shed years worth of hatred and tears. One of the most moving titles in the MediaOutlet.com archives.

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