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Reefer Madness DVD 1936 Anti-Drug Film

Reefer Madness DVD 1936 Anti-Drug Film
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The Infamous Anti-Drug Propaganda Film Sensationalizing & Demonizing The Use Of Marijuana In All Regions DVD Format!


Though properly referred to as a propaganda film, this spectacle is actually an titillating attempt to cash in on a controversial topic of the day in the unruly tradition of the exploitation film genre. Filled with over-the-top imagery of debauchery and hedonism, it was intended to create exactly the kind of lurid fascination that the film continues to hold over audiences to this day (B&W, 1:09).


Louis Gasnier


Lawrence Meade , (Original Story), Arthur Hoerl (Screenplay), Paul Franklin (Additional Dialogue)


Dorothy Short ... Mary

Kenneth Craig ... Bill

Lillian Miles ... Blanche

Dave O'Brien ... Ralph

Thelma White ... Mae

Carleton Young ... Jack

Warren McCollum ... Jimmy (as Warren McCullom)

Patricia Royale ... Agnes (as Pat Royale)

Joseph Forte ... Dr. Carroll (as Josef Forte)

Harry Harvey Jr. ... Junior

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