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Perspective On Greatness; Who Is Doctor Goddard DVD

Perspective On Greatness; Who Is Doctor Goddard DVD
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The Origins Of Rocketry Brought By Dr. Robert Goddard Is Explored In This Excellent Retrospective And Panel Discussion Hosted By Lowell Thomas With Guests Wernher von Braun, John Glenn, Jimmy Doolittle And More In All Regions DVD Format!

This is the best documentary you'll see on the early history of rocketry generally and on Dr. Robert Goddard specifically, and is one of the best titles in our catalog. After this documentary shows at great length the early films of Dr. Goddard's rocket experiments, films not available elsewhere, while telling the entirety of the story of his youth, career and achievements, the eminent Lowell Thomas moderates a panel of some of the men most intimately connected with the career and legacy of Dr. Goddard: his financier Daniel Guggenheim; Dr. G. Edward Pendray, founder of the American Rocket Society; James Doolittle, an early advocate for rocket research, and Dr. Wernher von Braun, Director of the Marshall Space Flight Center. It also includes a special film appearance by Astronaut John Glenn. A gem of a documentary, and one of our favorites (Black and White, 1 Hour).

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