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Outer Space Films 9 Mars Space Probe Projects Viking & Mariner DVD

Outer Space Films 9 Mars Space Probe Projects Viking & Mariner DVD
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Three Classic Films On The Exploration Of Mars & The Search For Life On It On One All Regions DVD!



Dr. Carl Sagan leads the narration of this film chronicling the historic Martian discoveries of Mariner 9 and the preparations based on those discoveries for the 1975 Viking missions to Mars.

PLANET MARS (Color, 28:23)

Richard Basehart narrates an analysis of the extraordinary discoveries of the Viking 1 & Viking 2 Martian orbiter/lander program. Especial attention is placed upon attempts to determine if life could or did exist on the planet, as well as revealing the surface, geology and atmosphere of Mars and the presence of water on the planet.


The famed wunderkind writer/director/producer, mainly famed for his infamous 1938 "War Of The Worlds" radio broadcast, appropriately narrates this look into the serious possibilities of life throughout the cosmos.

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