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Outer Space Films 8 Space Probe Projects Voyager Pioneer Mercury DVD

Outer Space Films 8 Space Probe Projects Voyager Pioneer Mercury DVD
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From The Sun's Own Mercury To The Great Gas Giant & On To The Great Beyond - Four Half Hour Films Packed Into One All Regions DVD! Featuring William Shatner!


The many landmark successes of the Pioneer missions to the the largest planet by far in the solar system are here celebrated in detail.

The famed & historic deep space satellite program in its planetary role of touring and studying the outer planets, the tools used and purposes in obtaining information outside the solar system and the bits of mother earth and the human society on it that the two Voyager spacecraft took into the great unknown.

William Shatner, best known as Captain Kirk of the "Star Trek" television series, narrates this quest into the mysteries of the planet, solar system and universe as well as the technological devices and procedures used in discovering them.

The innermost planets of the solar system, Venus and Mercury, were visited by the technological triumph that was the Mariner 10 space probe, Mercury was its final and most significant destination, and it is this film's intent to document the reasons why this was so.

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