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Outer Space Films 6 Projects Apollo Skylab Apollo-Soyuz DVD

Outer Space Films 6 Projects Apollo Skylab Apollo-Soyuz DVD
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Four Films On Man In Space After The Manned Moon Program On One All Regions DVD!


4 RMS EARTH VIEW (Color, 28:05)
E. G. Marshall narrates this overview of the endurance, biological, meteorlogical and other scientific achievements and promise of Skylab, America's first space station.

NASA's documentary on the historic docking of an American Apollo spacecraft with a Soviet Soyuz spacecraft during July of 1975, signifying both the end of the space race and a thaw in the cold war.

A TIME OF APOLLO (1975, 28:30)
Burgess Meredith narrates this wonderful retrospective of the highlights and achievements of the complete Apollo manned moon mission program.

Classic 60's footage, very reminiscent of the "Austin Powers" movies, fills this survey of the "modern" view of space exploration and technology, along with their consumer benefit, during the age of Apollo.

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