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Our Hospitality Buster Keaton Score By Carl Davis DVD

Our Hospitality Buster Keaton Score By Carl Davis DVD
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Released For The First TIme On DVD! The Comedy Genius Of Silent Era’s 1923 Cinematic Classic With Modern Musical Score By The Great Carl Davis!

* 7/7/13: Updated With Newly Redigitized And Remastered Video For Improved Image And Audio Quality!

A beautiful costume-period piece that takes place in Kentucky during the 1830s that tells the story of love and war between the Canfields and the McKays, as inspired by the feuding clans of the real life Hatfields and McCoys. Willie (Buster) takes a train that is an exact recreation of the famed "Stephenson Rocket" and there meets Virginia Canfield (Buster's real life wife). Though Willie's plan is to peaceably return to his Appalachian home, he discovers to his chagrin that the family of this lovely woman family has vowed to kill every member of his family! The dramatic waterfall rescue near the end is performed by Buster himself, and indeed resulted in his needing to be rescued himself from all the water he inhaled during the stunt. This special edition of Our Hospitality has been lovingly scored for sound by the great modern composer Carl Davis and is a one-of-a-kind DVD (Black & White, Sound With Musical Score, 1:15).


John G. Blystone, Buster Keaton


Jean C. Havez, Clyde Bruckman, Joseph A. Mitchell

Modern Musical Score:

Carl Davis (1984)


Buster Keaton ... Willie McKay - 21 Years Old

Joe Roberts ... Joseph Canfield

Natalie Talmadge ... Virginia Canfield

Ralph Bushman ... Canfield's Son

Craig Ward ... Canfield's Son

Buster Keaton Jr. ... Willie McKay - 1 Year Old

Joe Keaton ... The Engineer

Monte Collins ... The Parson

Kitty Bradbury ... Aunt Mary

Erwin Connelly ... Quarreling Husband (uncredited)

Edward Coxen ... John McKay (uncredited)

James Duffy ... Sam Gardner (uncredited)

Jean Dumas ... Mrs. McKay (uncredited)

Tom London ... James Canfield (uncredited)

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