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Operation Falklands; In The Wake Of HMS Sheffield DVD 1982 War

Operation Falklands; In The Wake Of HMS Sheffield DVD 1982 War
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The Air War Fought By Argentina Against The UK Navy During The 1982 Falklands Conflict Is Explored Using Battle Footage, Exclusive Interviews With The Officers And Pilots Of The Ships And Planes Involved On Both Sides, And A Detailed Analysis Of How The UK Destroyer HMS Sheffield Was Attacked And Sunk By A French-Made Argentine Etendard Jet Aircraft With An Exocet Missile, And How Future Such Attacks Would Have To Be Delivered And Counteracted.


In The Wake Of HMS Sheffield (Original UK Version) (1986, Horizon TV, Color, 50 Minutes)

Operation Falklands (Exported US Version Of Above) (1986, Color, 48 Minutes)

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