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Oedipus Rex Sophocles Greek Tragedy DVD

Oedipus Rex Sophocles Greek Tragedy DVD
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William Butler Yeats' Superb English Translation Powers This Tour de Force 1957 Production, Complete With Dramatic Masks Worn By The Entire Stratford Shakespearean Festival Foundation Of Canada Cast, Of Sophocles' High Greek Tragedy Of A Man Who Would Be King Were It Not For His Obscured Baseness, Directed By Tyrone Guthrie And Starring Douglas Campbel As Oedipus And Eleanor Stuart As Jocasta (And Hidden Among The Chorus Is A Young William Shatner!) (Widescreen, Eastmancolor, 1 Hour 28 Minutes, All Regions DVD Format).


Tyrone Guthrie


Sophocles (Play), William Butler Yeats (English Translation)


Douglas Campbell ... Oedipus

Eleanor Stuart ... Jocasta

Robert Goodier ... Creon

William Hutt ... Chorus Leader

Donald Davis ... Tiresias

Douglas Rain ... Creon

Tony Van Bridge ... Man From Corinth

Eric House ... Shepherd / Old Priest

Gertrude Tyas ... Nurse

Naomi Cameron ... Ismene

Barbara Franklin ... Antigone

Roland Bul, Robert Christie, Ted Follows, David Gardner, Bruno Gerussi, Richard Howard, Roland Hewgill, Edward Holmes, James Manser, Louis Negan, William Shatner, Bruce Swerdfager, Neil Vipond ... Chorus

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