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National Lampoon; Missing White House Tapes 1974 LP MP3 CD

National Lampoon; Missing White House Tapes 1974 LP MP3 CD
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Available For The First Time On CD! The Hilarious 1974 33 1/3 LP Comedy Album Satirizing The Infamous Nixon White House Tapes On 1 MP3 CD!

From The Back Cover:

From: Colson

To: Haig and Staff (for your eyes only)

Side "B": David Axelrod, Henry Beard, John Belushi, Chris Cerf, Chevy Chase, Jim Czak, Garry Goodrow, Hugo Flesch, Tony Hendra, Tom Hummer, Sean Kelly, Rhonda Coullet, Alice Playten, Tony Scheuren, Jim Strahs, Harry Yearmark. Have the IRS take a look at Electric Lady Studios and Bell Studios, New York.

Side "A": Pat Buchanan, "Checkers", Sam Dash, John Dean, Gerry Ford, Sam Ervin, John Mitchell, Richard Nixon, Bebe Rebozo, Zal Yanovsky (him, I've heard of), Ron Ziegler. What about the licenses granted Underdog Studios, L.A., engineer Mark Linett, tape doctors Vic Donnerstein and Irving Kirsch?

The plumbers unit has photos of most National Lampoon editors in some pretty compromising positions. Beard, Hendra, and Kelly could be zapped, Howie says. Let's smash those goddamn dirty little commie creeps once and for all. A million dollars doesn't seem too much, says the Oval Office. Get back to me on this, Gemstone.

P.S. I love you.

(Handwritten) JM - Call M's lawer Urgent!

I didn't take those tapes home

I didn't play them.

(Obscured) don't believe what I didn't hear.

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