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Moscow's Man: Kim Philby DVD UK Double Agent For USSR

Moscow's Man: Kim Philby DVD UK Double Agent For USSR
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A Special Investigation Into Soviet Espionage By The UK's Top Spymaster Turned Double Agent Kim Philby, Who Before Defecting To The Soviet Union In 1963 Was A Member Of The Cambridge Five Spy Ring That Wreaked Death And Havoc Among Allied Intelligence Services During The Cold War (Color, 1986, 45 Minutes) Plus An ABC-TV News Report By Peter Jennings Annoucing The Death Of Kim Philby (Color, May 11, 1988, 4 Minutes), Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In Archival Quality All Regions DVD Format! #KimPhilby #NKVD #KGB #GRU #SovietIntelligence #DoubleAgents #BritishIntelligence #MI6 #MI5 #Espionage #CambridgeFive #Cambridge5 #Spies #DVD

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