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More Than Broken Glass: Memories Of Kristallnacht DVD

More Than Broken Glass: Memories Of Kristallnacht DVD
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The November 9-10 1938 Pogrom Against Jews In Nazi Germany Is Here Revisited And Analyzed With First-Hand Accounts By Its Victims Including Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In All Regions DVD Format! (Color, 1988 58 Minutes.)

(Special Note: It was this documentary feature that convinced J. C. Kaelin, on the 50th anniversary of Kristallnacht on which evening this feature was first broadcast, to commit to help memorialize the Holocaust of Nazi Germany, in order to preserve its memory as a historical testament and to help prevent such pogroms taking place in future. This commitment was realized with the creation of his EarthStation1.com and MediaOutlet.com websites and the Holocaust historical material he digitized and brought to the internet through these websites beginning in March 1996, and these efforts were honorably recognized when in 1997 the Israeli Knesset declared his EarthStation1.com website to be an approved website for the teaching of Holocast history.)

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