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Million Dollar Legs (1932) DVD W.C. Fields Jack Oakie

Million Dollar Legs (1932) DVD W.C. Fields Jack Oakie
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W. C. Fields And Jack Oakie Star In This Classic Comedy Caper About A Small European Country That Enters The 1932 Olympics To Win Money To Bail Them Out Of Bankruptcy! All 64 Minutes In All Regions DVD Format! (Black and White, 1 Hour 4 Minutes.)

Edward F. Cline

Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Henry Myers

Jack Oakie ... Migg Tweeny
W.C. Fields ... The President
Andy Clyde ... The Major-Domo
Lyda Roberti ... Mata Machree
Susan Fleming ... Angela
Ben Turpin ... Mysterious Man
Hugh Herbert ... Secretary of the Treasury
George Barbier ... Mr. Baldwin
Dickie Moore ... Willie - Angela's Brother

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