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Marihuana DVD 1936 Anti-Drug Film

Marihuana DVD 1936 Anti-Drug Film
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A Drug Dealer Lures An Innocent High School Girl To A Party At His Beach House Where The Road To Her Ruin Begins! Classic 1930s Anti-Marijuana Film Propaganda In All Regions DVD Format!


A reporter exposes more than a drug ring when he poses as a soda jerk to ferret out a story - he snatches from them a good wholesome kid set up to become a pothead by her inheritance-hungry relatives in order to swindle her out of her grandmother's dough (B&W, 1:13:21).


Josh Binney


Hal Seeger


Luana Walters ... Joan Barry

Arthur Gardner ... Art Brighton

Fay McKenzie ... Linda Clayton

Michael Owen ... Jack Howard

Dorothy Short ... Marjorie 'Marge' Barry

Dorothy Vaughan ... Mrs. Mary Barry

Earl Dwire ... Henry 'Pop' Brady

Fern Emmett ... Henrietta Frisbee

Henry Roquemore ... Judge George Herbert

Hudson Faucett ... Otto (as Hudson Faussett)

Gay Sheridan ... Edith

Edwin Johnson ... Charlie

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