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Lost Soupy Sales TV Pilots Dual Layer DVD

Lost Soupy Sales TV Pilots Dual Layer DVD
Item# lost-soupy-sales-tv-pilots-dual-layer-dvd
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3 Never-Aired TV Show Pilots ''The Soupy Sales Hour'', ''Where There's Smokey'' and ''Lunch With Soupy'' Packed Into 1 All Regions Dual Layer DVD!

*1/18/12: Updated to produce a separate new title, Lost Soupy Sales TV Shows DVD , with the remaing 3 features upgraded into this single high quality dual layer DVD for easier storage, lower cost and best performance in all DVD players, manufactured using genuine Verbatim brand dual layer DVD+R disc stock, the world's best!


The Unsold 1966 ABC TV Pilot "The Soupy Sales Hour" Costarring Ernest Borgnine & Judy Garland! (B&W, 49:48).


The Unsold 1959 Desilu TV Pilot "Where There's Smokey" Costarring Gale Gordon! (B&W, 27:51)


The Unsold "Lunch WIth Soupy" Pilot Sponsored By Jello! (B&W, 16:00)

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