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Light In The Dark DVD Lvov Sewer Survivors Of Holocaust

Light In The Dark DVD Lvov Sewer Survivors Of Holocaust
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How A Group Of Ukrainian Jews Escaped The German Concentration Camps During World War II By Hiding For Years In The Sewers Under The City Of Lvov In All Regions DVD Format!


This story would be thought completely incredible had it not been for the fact that this documentary was made to record the accounts of the four living survivors of the Jews who successfully hid from the Nazis in the sewers under the city of Lvov, Ukraine during World War II. Through the steadfast determination and profound suffering of these exiles, and through the kindness of a Catholic sewer worker who kept them alive with provisions and kept the Nazis hunting for them in these sewers away from their secret hiding place. Do not be surprised if you simultaneously cry and rejoice both that the human spirit can survive such terrible things - let alone be astonished that one of their number succesfully infiltrated in and out of a local German concentration camp to help rescue friends and family! (1989, Color, 58 Minutes).

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