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Life And Times Of Lord Mountbatten DVD Set 6 Discs All 12 Parts

Life And Times Of Lord Mountbatten DVD Set 6 Discs All 12 Parts
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All 12 Episodes Of The Landmark 1969 TV Documentary Series Also Known As ''Mountbatten: A Television History'' And ''Mountbatten: The Soldier And The Statesman" On The History Of Great Britain's Royal Family Soldier, World Wars Commander And Viceroy Of India, Encoded In The Highest Quality DVD Video Format Of 9 MBPS And Manufactured As An All Regions Format 6 Disc DVD Set!


1: The King's Ships Were at Sea (1900–1917)
2: The Kings Depart (1917–1922)
3: Azure Main (1922–1936)
4: The Stormy Winds (1936–1941)
5: United We Conquer (1941–1943)
6: The Imperial Enemy
7: The March to Victory
8: The Meaning of Victory (1945–1947)
9: The Last Viceroy
10: Fresh Fields (1947–1955)
11: Full Circle (1955–1965)
12: A Man of This Century (1900–1968)

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