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Korea: The Unknown War DVD Complete 6 Part TV Series 3 Discs

Korea: The Unknown War DVD Complete 6 Part TV Series 3 Discs
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The Historic 1988 TV Documentary Series On The 1950-1953 Korean War Featuring The Unprecedented Cooperation Of Both North And South Korean Soldiers And Statesmen In Both Its Interviews And Locations, As Well As Those Of The United States And U.N. Members Involved In The Conflict, With The Quotations Of Douglas Macarthur Read By Charleton Heston! All Six Hour Long Episodes In A Single All Regions 3 DVD Megaset.


VOL. 1
Episode 1: Many Roads To War | Episode 2: An Arrogant Display Of Strength

VOL. 2
Episode 3: There Is No Substitute For Victory | Episode 4: An Entirely New War

VOL. 3
Episode 5: The Battle For Minds | Episode 6: Armed Truce

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