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King: A Filmed Record - Montgomery To Memphis DVD

King: A Filmed Record - Montgomery To Memphis DVD
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The 1970 Labor Of Love Produced By Those Who Knew And Loved "The Moral Leader Of Our Nation"! Nominated Best Documentary, 1971 Academy Awards!


A labor of love by those who knew and loved him, this film was orginally released to theatres on a one time only basis on March 24th 1970, with the $5 ticket price donated to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Special Fund. This 3 hour 5 minute version was edited down to remove its many celebrity commentary tributes, save that of his good personal friend, Harry Belafonte. Incorporating authentic archival audio and film documents spanning the years from 1955 to 1968, it was nominated for the 1971 Academy Award for Best Documentary and was inducted in 1999 into the National Film Registry. A deeply moving and unparalleled tribute to the man referred to at his March on Washington speech as "the moral leader of our nation" by the great man of civil rights leadership of his own time, A. Philip Randolph.

Sidney Lumet, Joseph L. Mankiewicz

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