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Kidnapped: Reliving The Lindbergh Case DVD Baby Kidnapping

Kidnapped: Reliving The Lindbergh Case DVD Baby Kidnapping
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Newscaster Edwin Newman Hosts And Narrates This Hour Long Re-Investigation Of The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping With Evidence That Surfaced Decades Later And Exclusive Interviews With The People Involved In This Spectacular Case In All Regions DVD Format!


Did Bruno Richard Hauptmann commit the Lindbergh kidnapping? Did he do it alone? And did he kill the baby, and that alone as well? With evidence that has surfaced since, extensive exclusive interviews with those involved in the investigation, arrest, trial, coverage and the convict of this crime, including Hauptmann's wife and friends who continued to insist on his innocence until the days of their deaths, this unbiased documentary lays out the evidence for and against Hauptmann's innocence in a self-declared deliberate attempt to allow the viewer to decide for himself the truth of this continuing controversy (1989, 1 Hour, Color, All Regions DVD Format).

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