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Jonathan Bell Ministries Dallas Cable Access TV Shows DVD

Jonathan Bell Ministries Dallas Cable Access TV Shows DVD
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Both Infamous 1993 ''Screaming Boy'' Dallas Cable Access TV Broadcasts Made Famous By ''The Daily Show'' Which Became One Of The First Internet Memes! (2 Hours, Color, All Regions DVD Format)

This is the complete video record of the over-the-top 1993 cable access show that became a beloved regular feature on the ''God Stuff'' segment of ''The Daily Show'' in 1994. Bell only broadcast these two shows on Dallas Cable Access. Without intending to, he left as a legacy not only these tv broadcasts, but also one of the first internet memes, as awareness of him and his broadcasts grew through its being regularly featured in outtakes on the 1994 Comedy Channel series ''Daily Show'', which in turn through the vanguard of early internet surfers got posted in the form of audio and image clips excerpted from those broadcasts throughout the world wide web and usenet newsgroups, becoming thereby an important artifact in the history of electronic broadcast media.

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