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Jack Paar TV Shows Old Time Television DVD

Jack Paar TV Shows Old Time Television DVD
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Includes Jack's Landmark 1963 Interview Of Judy Garland, The Rare First Broadcast Of THE JACK PAAR SHOW PLUS Excerpts From His TONIGHT SHOW, JACK PAAR SHOW & JACK PAAR PROGRAM Appearances! 2 1/2 Classic Hours Packed Into 1 Dual Layer All Regions DVD!


THE JACK PAAR SHOW(1953, 26:03)
The entire first show of his CBS television network series. Features his resident band leader Pupi Campo, Pupi's future wife and resident singer Betty Clooney (sister of Rosemary Clooney and aunt of George Clooney) and resident singer Clark Dennis.

A broadcast remote from the newly established Carillon Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. Features resident guests Hans Conreid, Genevieve and Dody Goodman, and resident band leader Jose Melis.

THE JACK PAAR SHOW (1959, 23:31)
Resident announcer Hugh Downs opens this episode with regulars Hans Conreid, Genevieve and Jose Melis, and features guest comedian George Gibbet.

Features resident band leader Jose Melis, guest singer Robert Goulet, and special guest Judy Garland. The interview of Judy Garland is an especial treat, as are the solo and duet singing numbers by both Garland and Goulet.

THE JACK PAAR SHOW (1958, 23:31)
A rare early commercial for color TV on the NBC network begins this episode of the Jack Paar Show, opened by resident announcer Hugh Downs, with resident band leader Jose Melis and resident guest Genevieve, and featuring a special performance by Blossom Dearie of "Surrey With The Fringe On Top" from the musical "Oklahoma".

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