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Hollywood: The Fabulous Era DVD Talking Picture History

Hollywood: The Fabulous Era DVD Talking Picture History
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The First Thirty Years Of The History Of ''The Talkies'' In All Regions DVD Format!

Henry Fonda narrates this 1962 production that was the first TV documentary retrospective of Hollywood. It begins with Al Jolson's ''The Jazz Singer'' amd tje forst a;; ta;lomg picture ''The Lights Of New York'' through the ranks of the silent stars that were able to transition to talkies to the first sound movie stars; the birth of the musical motion picture and the productions of Busby Berkeley; the movie heavies like Edward G. Robinson and Jimmy Cagney; sex symbols like Mae West and Jean Harlow; family entertainment stars like Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney; the development of comedy and drama; male hearthrobs like Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart; the World War II years; the USO shows of Bob Hope; the threat of television and the cinema's reaction with wide screens, science fiction, horror and movie spectaculars; the next generation of stars like Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis; much more (Black and White, 46 Minutes, All Regions DVD Format).

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