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Hollywood 1980 TV Documentary Series 13 Shows 7 Dual Layer DVDs

Hollywood 1980 TV Documentary Series 13 Shows 7 Dual Layer DVDs
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The Landmark 1980 TV Documentary Series On The History Of Hollywood’s Silent Film Era Narrated By James Mason And Musical Score By Carl Davis! All 13 Episodes In A 7 Disc All Regions DVD Megaset!

*9/2/15: Updated With All Videos Newly Redigitized In High Quality 9 Mbps DVD Video For Improved Image And Audio Quality, And Expanded From A 4 Disc Standard Format DVD Set To A 7 Disc Dual Layer Format DVD Set!


VOL. 1
Episode 1: Pioneers (Groundbreakers Of Film) | Episode 2: In The Beginning (Birth Of Cinema)

VOL. 2
Episode 3: Single Beds And Double Standards (Censorhip) | Episode 4: Hollywood Goes To War (World War I)

VOL. 3
Episode 5: Hazard Of The Game (Stunts And Stuntmen) | Episode 6: Swanson & Valentino (The 2 Great Hearthrobs Of The Silent Films)

VOL. 4
Episode 7: Autocrats (The Great Directors) | Episode 8: Comedy - A Serious Business

VOL. 5
Episode 9: Out West (Westerns) | Episode 10: The Man With The Megaphone (The Evolution Of Directors)

VOL. 6
Episode 11: Trick Of The Light (The Cameraman) | Episode 12: Star Treatment (The Great Stars Of The Silent Films)

VOL. 7
Episode 13: End Of An Era (The Birth Of Talking Pictures)

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