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Gulliver's Travels DVD Remastered 1939 Max & Dave Fleischer

Gulliver's Travels DVD Remastered 1939 Max & Dave Fleischer
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Max & Dave Fleischer's Brilliant 1939 Adaptation Of The Beloved Jonathan Swift Novel "Gulliver's Travels" In All Regions DVD Format!


Produced & released the year that World War II began, this film depicts the travails of the hero Gulliver through the lands of little-bodied and little-minded people whose mental dispositions this book popularized through the term "lilliputian". Written by a man who was not only a personal enemy of Winston Churchill's grandfather, John the 1st Duke of Marlborough, but who wrote pamphlets instrumental in bringing the Duke down, it is ironic that Swift's most famous writing should adapted into film the very year Great Britain plunged into a war that required that very Duke's grandson to lead it from defeat to victory (Technicolor, 1:17)

Dave Fleischer

Co-Direction (Animation):
Willard Bowsky, Orestes Calpini, Roland Crandall, William Henning, Winfield Hoskins, Thomas Johnson, Frank Kelling, Seymour Kneitel, Robert G. Leffingwell, Myron Natwick , Tom Palmer

Dave Fleischer, Willard Bowsky

Max Fleischer

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