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Green Hornet 1940 DVD 13 Part Movie Serial 2 Discs

Green Hornet 1940 DVD 13 Part Movie Serial 2 Discs
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Newspaper Publisher Britt Reid And His Brilliant Korean Man Servant Kato Take The Wheel Of Their Super Car, The Black Beauty, And In Disguise, Fight Criminal Racketeers Within The Law Menacing Their City!


THE GREEN HORNET (1940, Black & White, Thirteen Episodes Of Approx. 20 Minutes Each)

Ford Beebe, Ray Taylor

George H. Plympton, Basil Dickey, Morrison Wood, Lyonel Margolies (Screenplay)


Gordon Jones ... Britt Reid / The Green Hornet
Wade Boteler ... Michael Axford
Keye Luke ... Kato
Anne Nagel ... Leonore Case
Phillip Trent ... Jasper Jenks
Cy Kendall ... Curtis Monroe
Stanley Andrews ... Police Commissioner
Selmer Jackson ... District Attorney
Joseph Crehan ... Judge Stanton
Walter McGrail ... Dean
Gene Rizzi ... Corey
John Kelly ... Pete Hawks
Eddie Dunn ... D.H. Sligby
Edward Earle ... Felix Grant
Ben Taggart ... Phil Bartlett
Clyde Dilson ... Meadows
Jerry Marlowe ... Bob Stafford
Frederick Vogeding ... Max Gregory

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