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Great Moments From Nova DVD (1990) TV Series Best-Of

Great Moments From Nova DVD (1990) TV Series Best-Of
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The Best Of The Beloved TV Documentary Series From Its Beginning Until 1987 In All Regions DVD Format! Includes highlights from: Tornado (1985); Anatomy of a Volcano (1981); The Asteroid and the Dinosaur (1981); Edgerton and His Incredible Seeing Machines (1985); In The Land Of The Polar Bears (1985); JAWS: The True Story (1984); The Case of the Ancient Astronauts (1978); The Case of the Frozen Addict (1986); The Miracle of Life (1983); The Mystery of the Animal Pathfinders (1986); Acid Rain: New Bad News (1984); Nomads of the Rain Forest (1984); The FIrst Signs Of Washoe (1974); Signs of the Apes, Songs of the Whales (1983); Voyager: Jupiter and Beyond (1980); 25 Years In Space (1983) (1990, Color, 1 Hour 40 Min)

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