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Gore Vidal; An Evening With Richard Nixon Comedy Album MP3 CD

Gore Vidal; An Evening With Richard Nixon Comedy Album MP3 CD
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Released For The First Time On CD! The Great American Author Gore Vidal's 1972 Comedy Album LP In MP3 CD Format!


Side One: 1: Prologue | 2: The Birth Of A Nixon | 3: College Days | 4: Dick Meets Pat | 5: Nixon Sees Red / Get Them Pinkos | 6: The Checkers Speech | 7: Kennedy / NixonT.V. Debates | 8: Nixon's Last Press Conference

Side Two: 1: Back To Pepsi And Trujillo | 2: I Ain't Gonna Run No More, No More | 3: Off And Running Again | 4: Agnew, Agnew | 5: A Foot In The Mouth Trilogy: Mai Lai / Kent State / Manson | 6: Off And Running Again And Again And Again | 7: Finale

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