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Golden Age Of Comedy Narrated By George Burns 5 Album Set MP3 CD

Golden Age Of Comedy Narrated By George Burns 5 Album Set MP3 CD
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Released For The First Time On CD! The Complete Revered 1971 Commemorative Set Of 5 LP Records Documenting America's Golden Age Of Comedy Presented By George Burns Packed Into 1 MP3 CD!


SIDE 1: Memories Of Radio Comedy

Eddie Cantor and Bert Gordon (The Mad Russian) - Duffy's Tavern with Ed Garner - W.C. Fields with Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy - Tallulah Bankhead with Fred Allen - Ed Wynn - George Burns and Gracie Allen.

SIDE 2: Children Are Funny

Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks - Fanny Brice and Hanley Stafford as Baby Snooks and Daddy - Red Skelton as The Bad Little Boy - Allan Sherman - Nichols and May.

SIDE 3: How To Laugh At Everyday Problems

George Burns - Milton Berle - Dick Gregory - Fred Allen and Oscar Levant - Betty Walker - Buddy Hackett.

SIDE 4: Bigger Problems Are Even Funnier

Don Ameche and Frances Langford as The Bickersons - Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca - Stiller and Meara - Ernie Kovacs - Andy Griffith.

SIDE 5: Popourri

Jonathan Winters - Leonard Barr - Norm Crosby - Woody Woodbury - Frank Gallop and Lou Jacobi - George Gobel - Morey Amsterdam.

SIDE 6: Target: American Institutions

David Frye - Eisenhower Interview (Out of context) - Pat Paulsen - Bob and Ray - Milt Kamen - Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain - Bob Hope.

SIDE 7: From Caveman To Headlines

Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks - David Steinberg - Smothers Brothers - Jack Gilford - David Frost.

SIDE 8: Laughing With An Accent

Orson Bean - George Kirby - Herschel Bernardi - Van and Joe Schenck - Moms Mabley - Jimmy Joyce - Myron Cohen - Godfrey Cambridge.

SIDE 9: A Flying We Go

Joan Rivers - Milt Kamen - Pat McCormick - Shelley Berman - Pete Barbutti.

SIDE 10: Return To Memory Lane

Jack Benny and Fred Allen - Kenny Delmar as Senator Claghorn - Jack Pearl as Baron Munchausen - Victor Borge - Fibber McGee and Molly - Bob "Bazooka" Burns.

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