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General William 'Billy' Mitchell Documentaries DVD

General William 'Billy' Mitchell Documentaries DVD
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The Tumultuous Life And Achievements Of US Army Air Force General William "Billy" Mitchell, The Father Of Tactical Air Support, Strategic Bombing And The Father Of The United States Air Force, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In All Regions DVD Format!

CBS BIOGRAPHY: BILLY MITCHELL (1964, Black And White, 23 Minutes)
Largely forgotten nowadays, U.S. Army General Billy Mitchell is a giant of military aviation, and was its first and furthest-seeing visionary. Starting off as the U.S. Army's only pilot in Europe, he soon invented the tactical air support of ground operations that was to become the basis of Second World War mechanized warfare. Conducting thousand plane raids that also foreshadowed such massive armadas being used in World War II, he virtually wrote the book on tactical aerial warfare while fighting old-guard upper brass every step of the way.

WORLD WAR 1: DOGFIGHTS AND DAREVILS (Black And White, 1963, 23 Minutes)
An excellent installment of the Landmark 1964 CBS documentary series devoted to a full and concise brief on the history, personalities, strategy and drama of warfare's first aerial battlefield, with special attention given to the short term but highly successful contributions made by American airman. Narrated By Robert Ryan.

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