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Gene Autry And The Phantom Empire DVD Complete 1935 Movie Serial

Gene Autry And The Phantom Empire DVD Complete 1935 Movie Serial
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Where Did The Ancient Civilization Of The Continent of Mu Disappear To? 20,000 Feet Beneath Gene Autry's Radio Ranch, Of Course! Can Autry Save The Muranians From Radium Speculators, War Between Their Worlds AND Still Broadcast His Daily Radio Show On Time?!?!? All 4 Hours Of The 12 Chapter #1935 Sci-Fi Cowboy Movie Serial In High Quality Dual Layer All Regions DVD Format!


Chapter #1: The Singing Cowboy | Chapter #2: The Thunder Riders | Chapter #3: The Lightning Chamber | Chapter #4: Phantom Broadcast | Chapter #5: Beneath The Earth | Chapter #6: Disaster From The Skies | Chapter #7: From Death To Life | Chapter #8: Jaws Of Jeopardy | Chapter #9: Prisoners Of The Ray | Chapter #10: The Rebellion | Chapter #11: A Queen In Chains | Chapter #12: The End of Murania


Gene Autry .... Gene Autry

Frankie Darro .... Frankie Baxter

Betsy King Ross .... Betsy Baxter

Dorothy Christy .... Queen Tika

Wheeler Oakman .... Argo

Charles K. French .... Mal

Warner Richmond .... Rab

J. Frank Glendon .... Prof. Beetson

Smiley Burnette .... Oscar

William Moore (Peter Potter) .... Pete

Edward Peil Sr. .... Cooper

Jack Carlyle .... Saunders

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