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Francisco Franco DVD General Caudillo Spanish Civil War

Francisco Franco DVD General Caudillo Spanish Civil War
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The Life And Times Of The Spanish General Who Led The Victorious Nationalist Forces During The Spanish Civil War And Ruled As Spain's Leader For The Rest Of His Long Life In All Regions DVD Format!


BIOGRAPHY (CBS): FRANCO (23 Min., B&W) The original television biography documentary series gives its usual standard-setting treatment to "El Caudillo", the leader of Spain, both during his command of Spanish Nationalist armies which defeated the forces of the Spanish Republic and afterwards as Spain's chief of state. Narrated by Mike Wallace.

PORTRAITS OF POWER: FRANCO: CAUDILLO OF SPAIN (24 Min., COLOR AND B&W) New York Times correspondent and series contributor Richard Eder provides intelligent and scholarly analysis and insight as well as personal bias and opinion regarding his personal experience of Franco after having covered him as a reporter for a number of years as well as his personal historical research. Based on the book PORTRAITS OF POWER, written by Harrison Salisbury and produced in part by The New York Times. Narrated by Henry Fonda.

THE TWENTIETH CENTURY: WAR IN SPAIN (24 MINUTES, B&W) Walter Cronkite takes to narrating another classic WWII documentary TV series as he surveys the terrible Spanish Civil War and Francisco Franco's decisive part in it.

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