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Flash Gordon DVD Complete 13 Episode 1936 Movie Serial

Flash Gordon DVD Complete 13 Episode 1936 Movie Serial
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The Complete Unedited 13 Part 1936 Movie Serial Starring Buster Crabbe, Jean Rogers And Charles Middleton! (1936, Black and White, 4 Hours 5 Minutes).


Frederick Stephani, Ray Taylor


Alex Raymond (Comic strip), Ella O'Neill, Frederick Stephani, George H. Plympton, Basil Dickey (Screenplay)


Buster Crabbe ... Flash Gordon

Jean Rogers ... Dale Arden

Charles Middleton ... Ming the Merciless

Priscilla Lawson ... Princess Aura

Frank Shannon ... Dr. Alexis Zarkov

Richard Alexander ... Prince Barin

Jack 'Tiny' Lipson ... King Vultan

Theodore Lorch ... High Priest #2

Richard Tucker ... Professor Gordon

George Cleveland ... Professor Hensley

James Pierce ... Prince Thun

Duke York ... King Kala

Muriel Goodspeed ... Zona

Earl Askam ... Officer Torch

House Peters Jr. ... Shark Man

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