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Echoes Of War DVD Radar In World War II

Echoes Of War DVD Radar In World War II
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The Improbable Story Of The Race To Develop Radar During World War II And How Its Results Changed The World In All Regions DVD Format!


This excellent installment of the venerable Nova TV series chronicles and analyzes the birth, development and battlefield deployment of radar as a weapon of war during World War II, and how the infrastructure built to support it became the foundation of the military-industrial complex of the post war years. What began as a cooperative venture in which the brainchild of British scientists was secretly entrusted to the American scientific community became a deadly competition with German scientists who developed their own (RA)dio (D)etection (A)nd (R)anging devices. The long-term effects of this competition continue to shape the modern world (1989, Color, 58 Minutes).

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