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Eamon de Valera DVD Irish Civil War Leader And President

Eamon de Valera DVD Irish Civil War Leader And President
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Éamon de Valera, American-Born Irish Politician And War Leader, Sinn Féin Commander In The 1916 Easter Rising, Leader In The War Of Independence From Great Britain And Of The Anti-Partition-Treaty Opposition In The Ensuing Irish Civil War (1922-1923), Founder Of Fianna Fáil And Head Of The Government (President Of The Executive Council, later Taoiseach) From 1932 To 1948, 1951 To 1954, And 1957 To 1959, And Leader Of The Introduction Of The Constitution Of Ireland, And Opponent Of The Irish Republican Army After Full Independence Was Achieved In The South, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In Archival Quality All Regions DVD Format! (Black And White, 1958, 23 Minutes.) #EamonDeValera #EasterRisingOf1916 #IrishCivilWar #AngloIrishTreaty #SinnFein #Taoiseach #FiannaFail #PresidentOfIreland #Ireland #RepublicOfIreland #IrishHistory #DVD

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