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Dixiana DVD Wheeler And Woolsey Vaudeville Comedy

Dixiana DVD Wheeler And Woolsey Vaudeville Comedy
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The 1930 Part-Early-Technicolor Musical Vehicle For The Great Wheeler & Woolsey Comedy Team Starring Bebe Daniels, Premiering Bill "Bojangles" Robinson & Set In Pre-Civil War New Orleans!


The comedy team of Wheeler and Woolsey may not be well known now, but back in the day they were bigger than even The Marx Brothers or Laurel and Hardy! This film contains one of their earliest appearances, the very first appearance of the dancing genius Bill "Bojangles" Robinson & starring the beautiful Bebe Daniels as the love interest of two tival gentleman engaged in a life or death struggle to win her affections in antebellum New Orleans during Mardi Gras (Black & White / Color [2-Strip Technicolor], 1:40).


Luther Reed


Anne Caldwell (Story), Luther Reed


Bebe Daniels .... Dixiana Caldwell

Everett Marshall .... Carl Van Horn

Bert Wheeler .... Peewee

Robert Woolsey .... Ginger Dandy

Joseph Cawthorn .... Cornelius Van Horn, Carl's Father

Jobyna Howland .... Mrs. Birdie Van Horn

Dorothy Lee .... Nanny, Pewee's Girl

Ralf Harolde .... Royal Montague

Bill Robinson .... Specialty Dancer

Eddy Chandler .... Blondell, Montague's Henchman (uncredited)

Bruce Covington .... Colonel Porter (uncredited)

George Herman .... Contortionist (uncredited)

Eugene Jackson .... Cupid, Van Horn Slave (uncredited)

Robert Livingston .... Circus Troupe/Bachelor Party/Plantation Party (uncredited)

Raymond Maurel .... Cayetano, Hippodrome Owner (uncredited)

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