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Curse Of The Doll People aka Devil Doll Men DVD

Curse Of The Doll People aka Devil Doll Men DVD
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The Insane 1961 Mexican Horror Classic Where A Voodoo Priest Sends A Murderous Band Of Doll Men After The Thieves And Familes Of Those Who Stole A Sacred Idol From His Temple! All 82 Thrilling Minutes In All Regions DVD Format! (B&W, Dubbed In English)


Curse Of The Doll People (aka Devil Doll Men, aka Muñecos Infernales)


Benito Alazraki


Alfredo Salazar


Elvira Quintana ... Karina

Ramón Gay ... Dr. Armando Valdés

Roberto G. Rivera ... Molinar

Quintín Bulnes ... Voodoo Priest

Nora Veryán ... Marta

Luis Aragón ... Daniel

Jorge Mondragón ... Luis

Xavier Loyá ... Juan

Alfonso Arnold

Salvador Lozano

Margarita Villegas

Norma Navarro

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