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Calling America: Axis WW2 Radio Propaganda Audio CD

Calling America: Axis WW2 Radio Propaganda Audio CD
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German & Italian Wartime Propaganda Broadcasts - All Digitally Remastered From Archival Sources, Some Unavailable Before This Release! Over 67 Minutes On 1 Standard Audio CD!


Station D.E.B.U.N.K (1:17)

Robert H. Best 420909 (4:10)

Ezra Pound - "Butchers" (0:27)

Paul Revere {Douglas Chandler} 410909 (15:16)

Midge At The Mike {Mildred Gillars aka "Axis Sally"} 430518 (11:19)

Ezra Pound - "Power" (12:50)

Axis Sally - "Vision of Invasion" (Infamous D-Day Fantasy) 440511 (22:17)

"Ezra Pound Speakin'" (0:02)

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