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British Public Information And Propaganda Films Collection In DVD, Video Download or USB Flash Drive Versions

British Public Information And Propaganda Films Collection In DVD, Video Download or USB Flash Drive Versions
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The Do's and Don'ts of Life According To Her Majesty's Government - Over 3 Full Hours Of Rare Archival Films Packed Into 22 Films On 1 Dual Layer All Regions DVD!


A Warning to Travellers (Five Pounds in Notes) (1949, 1:03)
After World War 2, more money was leaving the UK than was coming in. To stem to the flow, all travellers were permitted no more than 5 in notes when leaving the country.

Berlin Airlift (1949, 10:13)
How Great Britain did her part in keeping West Berlin free.

Brief City (1952, 18:44)
A review of the prior year's Festival of Britain held on the south bank of the Thames river.

Charley's March of Time (1948, 9:02)
The popular animated public information films character Charley queries the need for the 1948 National Insurance Acts which legislated health insurance for all citizens.

Charley Junior's School Days (1949, 8:45)
The strapping son of Charley learns what the nation's school system has planned for him.

Coughs and Sneezes (1945, 1:25)
The dangers of sneezing, and the employing of one's handkerchief to combat them.

Don't Spread Germs (Jet Propelled Germs) (1948, 1:02)
The necessity of placing one's used handerchiefs in a bowl of disinfectant is here asserted, though a suitable disinfectant is not posited.

Festival In London (1951, 9:31)
Another fine documentary on the 1951 Festival of Britain held on the south bank of the Thames river.

Into the Blue (1950, 10:27)
How Great Britain pioneered jet propelled civilian airline service.

Journey by a London Bus (1950, 8:05)
A delightful, almost Pythonesque film on the famed London Double-Decker Bus system.

London Airport (1949, 9:29)
A history of London's famed Heathrow International Airport.

Men of the World (1950, 9:36)
The British Army abroad in Gibraltar, Egypt's Suez Canal and Hong Kong.

Modern Guide to Health (1947, 8:46)
How the nation's citizenry can correct it's posture, exercise properly in the fresh air, and keep it's health up in general.

New Town (1948, 8:15)
City planning, post-war style.

Pedestrian Crossing (1948, 2:04)
How to properly cross the road in the UK.

Pop Goes The Weasel (1948, 9:41)
How the taxes of the day were being spent on the world war of yesterday.

Read Any Good Meters Lately? (Watch Your Meters) (1947, 1:02)
The necessity of keeping watch on one's energy consumption.

Shown by Request (1947, 18:15)
How the Ministry of Information created and distributed precisely the same kind of films contained in this DVD set.

What A Life! (1949, 11:09)
A light-hearted look at how grim life had become in post-war UK.

Wing to Wing (1951, 10:05)
Britain's part in the air forces of NATO.

Wonder Jet (1950, 19:14)
A history of the jet engine from its invention by Britain's Sir Frank Whittle to the earliest days of civil jet aviation.

Your Very Good Health (1948, 8:37)
Charley's back to send us off knowing exactly what the National Health Service (NHS) was.

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