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Black Brigade (Carter's Army) WWII TV Movie DVD

Black Brigade (Carter's Army) WWII TV Movie DVD
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The 1970 Made-For-TV World War II Film Starring Richard Pryor, Rosie Greer, Robert Hooks, Billy Dee Wiliams And Moses Gunn In All Regions DVD Format!


It's 1944 and the Allies want a quick end to the war in Europe. To shorten the war, a squad of all black troops who up till now have been charged with menial labor, are assigned the astounding mission of securing a hydroelectric dam deep inside Germany, with a redneck white officer to lead them. The impossible becomes possible as these men are thrown into the cauldron of war and their best talents as men are given equal opportunity to come to the fore (Color, 1:10).


George McCowan


Aaron Spelling, David Kidd


Shelley Hull (Associate Producer), Aaron Spelling (Producer/Executive Producer), Danny Thomas (Executive Producer)


Stephen Boyd ... Capt. Beau Carter

Robert Hooks ... Lt. Edward Wallace

Susan Oliver ... Anna Renvic

Roosevelt Grier ... Big Jim

Moses Gunn ... Doc Hayes

Richard Pryor ... Pvt. Jonathan Crunk

Glynn Turman ... Pvt. George Brightman

Billy Dee Williams ... Lewis

Paul Stewart ... Gen. Clark

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