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Battle Of Britain DVD Dual Layer WWII Documentaries

Battle Of Britain DVD Dual Layer WWII Documentaries
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Britain's Finest Hour Is Found In The Skies Above Her As Fascism Rained Bombs Upon Her - 5 Golden Age TV Documentaries Packed Into 1 Dual Layer All Regions DVD!


MEN IN CRISIS: CHURCHILL VS. GOERING (21 Min., B&W) Edmund O'Brien narrates an installment of the definitive "opponent vs opponent" documentary series which explores the decisive confrontation between the chief of the German Luftwaffe, Air Marshal Herman Goering, and the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill for air supremacy over England and the crushing of British defenses in preparation for a thwarted invasion.

WINSTON CHURCHILL: THE VALIANT YEARS - THE RAVENS REMAIN (22 Min., B&W) Narrated by Richard Burton, this installment of the 1960 television series based on Winston Churchill's book "The Second World War" chronicles the Prime Minister's involvement in and actions and reactions regarding the unfolding and aftermath of The Battle Of Britain.

THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN (45 Min., B&W) CBS documentary narrated by Richard Basehart that serves to encapsulate the events the lead to and included what was then the world's greatest air battle in history into a form that is easily accessible and accurate.

BATTLELINE - THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN (24 Min., B&W) An episode from the epic 1963 documentary series featuring an account from a soldier from each side of a particular battle, in this case from the Battle of Britain.

AIR POWER - THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN (24 Min., B&W) Walter Cronkite narrates as this venerable epic World War II documentary series covers this pivotal battle with precision and insight.

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