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Axis Sally MP3 CD Mildred Gillars WWII German Radio Broadcasts

Axis Sally MP3 CD Mildred Gillars WWII German Radio Broadcasts
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The Axis Propaganda Broadcasts Of American Citizen Mildred Sisk AKA Mildred Gillars - 2 1/2 Hours Packed Into 1 MP3 CD


1) Gerry's Front: Calling British Forces In North Africa (with Bruno and His Swinging Tigers) 1942

Thread-bare Jazz accompanies sneering propaganda aimed at ruining the morale of soldiers of the British empire.

2) Gerry's Front: Calling American Forces In North Africa (with Bruno and His Tigers) 1942

More hate-laced Third Reich puffery, this time aimed at "G. I. Joe".

3) Midge At The Mike May 18th 1943

Typical Mildred Gillars speaking bigotry in the tones of a false friend to the women of America.

4) Axis Sally - ''Vision of Invasion'' May 11th 1944

The infamous broadcast that envisioned catastrophe for Allied forces coming to liberate Europe, whose haunting imagery and chilling audio collage created a national stir and shook the nerves of the American men and women on the homefront which this broadcast had targeted.

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