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Appointment With Destiny: Cortez and Montezuma DVD

Appointment With Destiny: Cortez and Montezuma DVD
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Approved For Teaching In The Classroom By The N.E.A. Narrated By Lorne Greene And Filmed In A Special Gold Film Process! ''Appointment With Destiny: Cortez And Montezuma: Conquest Of An Empire'' Presents, As Though It Were Filmed Live In Newsreel Format, The Unfolding History Of Cortez's Adventures In The New World, From His Arrival Off The Coast Of Mexico At Vera Cruz, Though His Military Conquests Against The Aztecs On His Way To Their Capitol City Of Tenochtitlan (Now Mexico City) To His Ignominious Retreat From The Capitol After The Tragic Death Of Montezuma, All The While Assisted By His Aztec Translator And Consort, The Princess Sold Into Slavery And Given As A Gift To Cortez. Known To History As Doña Marina (Special Gold Monochrome Process, 45 Minutes).

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