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An Ocean Apart 7 Part TV Series 4 Disc DVD Set

An Ocean Apart 7 Part TV Series 4 Disc DVD Set
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Eminent British Television Journalist David Dimbleby Presents This Seven Part Documentary TV Series On The History Of British–American Relations From The Beginning Of The First World War And Wilson To The End Of The Cold War And Thatcher, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In A 4 Disc All Regions Format DVD Set! (Color, 1988, 390 Minutes)


VOL. 1
Episode 1: Hats Off To Mr. Wilson (World War I) | Episode 2: Home In Pasadena (The 1920s)

VOL. 2
Episode 3: Here Come The British! Bang! Bang! )The 1930s) | Episode 4: Trust Me To The Bitter End (World War II)

VOL. 3
Episode 5: If You Don't Like Our Peaches, Quit Shaking Our Tree (Post World War II To The 1956 Suez Crisis) | Episode 6: Under The Eagle's Wing (Post Suez Crisis To 1970s)

VOL. 4
Episode 7: Turning Up The Volume (The Falklands War And The 1980s)

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