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After The War: The Marshall Plan DVD

After The War: The Marshall Plan DVD
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The Eminent Journalist Lewis Lapham, Editor Of Harper's Magazine, Presents This Detailed Investigation Of The Genesis Of The Marshall Plan, The Post-World-War-II European Reconstruction Program For Which Its Namesake, Then Secretary Of State George Marshall, Won The 1953 Nobel Peace Prize, Complete With Exclusive Interviews With Clare Booth Luce, Lucius Battle, Paul Nitze, Mrs. Dean Acheson, Lord Roll, Milton Katz, Leonard Miall, Charles Kindleberger, Richard Bissell, Charles Burton Marshall, Edgar Faure, Andre Fontaine, Eleanor Dulles, Sir Frank Roberts And More, Presented In The Highest DVD Quality MPG Video Format Of 9.1 MBPS In All Regions DVD Format! (Color, 1987, 57 Minutes.)

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