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1968 DVD CBS News Special Report 10 Years Later Harry Reasoner.

1968 DVD CBS News Special Report 10 Years Later Harry Reasoner.
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Released For The First Time On DVD! The CBS TV News Special Report Documentary On What Really Happened In America In 1968!

An investigation into the truth behind the shadow play of what was presented to and by the media about the events of a year so full of turning points that many historians consider it one of the most important years in American history. Examines the FBI program of harrassment against Martin Luther King; the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy; the decline and fall of the presidency of Lyndon Johnson by the course of the Vietnam War; the truth and the lies regarding the events of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago; the secret CIA and Pentagon war against organizations opposed to the Vietnam War; the culture war that raged across the generation gap; the secret FBI and CIA war against the black civil rights movement. Some of the revelations are astounding: the attempts by the FBI to induce Martin Luther King to commit suicide, the lies and distortion by Mayor Daley's administration to justify its unrestrained use of police force during the Democratic convention, the confessions of agents and provocateurs employed by the Pentagon to subvert the student anti-war movement and more. An outstanding piece of television journalism (Color, 1 Hour 44 Minutes, All Regions DVD format).

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